The Queen of American Lakes – Lake George

When Thomas Jefferson gazed upon the waters of Lake George in 1791, he was inspired to write, “Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw.” Hundreds of thousands of visitors after him have jotted similar words on the backs of postcards, in battered travel journals, and in cherished scrapbooks.

This “Queen of American Lakes” is 32-miles long and fed by mammoth underground springs that give the Lake its crystal clear reputation. The Lake boasts over 109 miles of shoreline and over 300 islands – many of which feature spots for camping and picnicking. The shallowest part of the Lake near the shoreline can be one-feet – but out among its waters – depths can reach as much as 195 feet. The Lake varies from as much as three-miles across to one-mile across. All around are the beautiful mountains of the Adirondacks.

At first, the Lake and its surrounding mountains were enjoyed mostly by residents, and a few hardy souls who came north to enjoy the mountain air, hunting and fishing. In the 1800’s visitors first began journeying to the shores of this 32-mile lake to hire a guide to take them into the mountains, or to relax amid the scenery. Tourists arrived first by stagecoach and in the late 1800’s by Delaware and Hudson Railway. This Victorian age of travel ushered in a time of beautiful grand hotels built to house extended families who would escape the City to spend an entire summer on the Lake, enjoying the clean mountain air. One such grand hotel is The Sagamore in Bolton Landing, originally built in 1883, and due to fires, rebuilt in 1930. The age of the automobile ushered in a new wave of visitors, opening up this beautiful Lake and the surrounding mountains to a whole new audience, many of whom have passed the love of this area on to their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren.

Visit Bolton Landing — Rest awhile on the shores of Lake George. Dip your feet in the cool refreshing water. Take a hike and breathe in the crisp clean air while you gaze down upon the waters from a mountain ridge. Slow down and let the Adirondacks work their way into your soul. And on the way home, make sure you stop for some real estate listings. The “Queen of American Lakes” is waiting for you to call this place home.