Ya’ll Come Back Now, Ya hear?

Since Labor Day, most of us have been back to school, back to work, back on schedule, back HOME!

This past weekend, this Columbus Day holiday weekend, allowed us one more opportunity to hang on to summer. Many came to town to have one last “vacation” weekend at the Lake.

If you joined us, you know how amazing it was. Mother Nature truly cooperated with the bright and breezy autumn weather, teasing us with not-quite-peak colors blanketing the mountainsides and reflecting onto the Lake. Those who were trusting and had left their boats available were cruising, slicing through those trees on the water. Others still were claiming their spot on the sand to give that last boost to their fading summer color; even venturing into the water! We couldn’t have arranged for anything better.

But, there were other reasons to join us in Bolton Landing for the long weekend. You know WE know how to make you feel welcome…as if we planned this all just for you! Well we did!!

First, what is a fall weekend without a garage sale? We’re not talking any old garage sale…we’re going BIG, at houses, barns, libraries and firehouses. We even mapped them all out for you, including a checklist for efficient planning of your attack. You know there’s treasure in these hills!!!!

Then, we gave you the chance for a head start on your holiday shopping at our final Arts and Crafts Festival of the year. You browsed at the beach, on the lake, in the sun. Who gets to go Christmas shopping like THAT?

Now, let’s get to the “food”! Any vacation weekend worth remembering involves eating! What’s better on a fall weekend than a chili tasting? We invited your expert opinion on who makes the best chili in town at Bolton’s Best Chili Competition. It’s a friendly competition they say, though this year’s winner pulled out all the stops to be sure you knew her chili was the BEST! She had no problem telling you so as she filled your sample cup with tortilla, chili and toppings, and even shared her recipe. Yes, Linda from Waters’ Edge Lakeside Deli brought the first place chili and we thank her for participating. Be sure to plan a meal with her next year.

I’ll tell you, nothing out there beats a Fall Festival in a lakeside town carrying summer into fall by offering one last party to remember. We expect that awesome memories made with us here in Bolton Landing, the most welcoming place on Lake George, will certainly carry you through the winter months, until we meet again.

Keep in mind that the SEASON doesn’t really end on Labor Day weekend. There’s plenty of party left in us to entice you back. Plan your Columbus Day 2016 in Bolton Landing….you’ll be glad you did!