Word Association: Island Camping, Mountain Lake….Bolton Landing On Lake George

So, I am not a camper!

There was a time I dabbled in it.  You know, when your children are in Scouts and they invite you to join them.  Being honest, I enjoyed it…..then!

Now I can completely understand my husband’s retort when the kids would invite HIM.  “No thanks, I did enough camping in the Army!”

Hey, I’d sleep on the screen porch on a lounge, listening to the brook bubbling through my back yard, feeling the cool night air.  WITHOUT the bugs and WITH plumbing!

small__6942142390But even I have been enticed by the idea of camping on an island out there on the lake.  So I decided to investigate how one would make that happen.

Being such a popular idea, it’s a requirement that you secure your site first.  RESERVEAMERICA.com is the most efficient way to go.  All 350+ sites are listed in three groupings and you just pick it, click it and you’re in!

If the computer isn’t for you, and you’d rather speak to a human, you would call Reserve America at 1-800-456-CAMP and reserve your site the old-fashioned way.  Step one done!MORGAN Aerial

Now it’s great if you have a boat and a place to launch; but what if you don’t?  You shouldn’t be denied the experience right?  Here’s where you either make friends with someone who does have a boat, or find yourself a water taxi.

PERFECT! I found Ken Beckley, of Beckley’s Water Taxi, in the enviable position of making a living on this beautiful lake.  Ken quoted the cost starts at $75.and adjusts with the volume of equipment to be transported.  He also offered parking and launch of your own water craft, for a fee (saying he’d even consider “caviar” as payment!).

I’ve been to Beckley’s…lovely place, rustic cabins, amazing setting on the lake shore, beds, appliances and plumbing.  Sounds inviting…..I’ll stay there and YOU can have the adventure on the island.

At the Bolton Chamber and Visitor’s Center we offer maps of the lake and the islands, lists of regulations and recommendations for making this a memorable experience for all.  We’d be happy to assist you in any way we can, so stop in and get those plans in place.