Winter Walks

Okay so you might n0t be able to use the snowshoes at least here in Bolton but with a really balmy winter, it has been very pleasant to be out in the milder elements. If you’re into quiet, peaceful walks, one of my favorites especially this time of year, with or without snow is off of Padanarum Rd just north of Bolton, off 9N just as you start the climb over the Tongue Mt range on the way to Hague. This end of Padanarum is a broad left turn and you can’t miss it!

What I call a tote road, dirt but easily passible, follows along a bright, shallow stream that goes from sandy bottoms to craggy rocks and small falls. You’ll soon arrive at a small bridge and a woodsy intersection. Park and start walking here but you will have a choice….continue up Padanarium with the beautiful cascading stream and many small falls or take the road on your right which is a pleasant walk just undulating enough along the road to be interesting. It follows another stream and there are a hand full of hunting cabins and summer camps dotted along the way.

On one¬†particular walk a few years ago, my dog had his nose to the ground, and quite excitedly plowing forward at a quick pace. We looked to see what all the excitement was and he had found moose tracks that had come out of the woods just ahead of us. The moose tracks were leading the way, trotting along the tote road. With much anticipation we kept expecting that we would catch a glimpse, maybe over the next little rise in the road as the tracks looked fresh. Of course he was long gone and we never did see him but it was a nice feeling that we had something in common even if only for a moment…a peaceful walk through a quiet forest.

This past year, the intense rain storms closed off Padanarum Rd to the north of the bridge. When open it will loop around and come out on North Bolton Rd. There is a less traveled rough road off that section which will take you over to Brant Lake eventually, another great hike but you will have to come in from the other end of Padanarum to find it….Enjoy…Babbling Brook