Watch for PBS special about protecting Lake George

Watch the trailer presented by Jon Ericson: The setting couldn’t have been more perfect, sitting topside at the Algonquin [caption id="attachment_195" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Crystal clear Lake George water"][/caption] Restaurant, overlooking one of the most scenic views on Lake George. Approximately 60 guests, a mix of Bolton Chamber members and concerned area residents were in attendance for the April Chamber dinner. The reason was Jon D. Erickson, Professor at Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, and Environment Program. Jon spoke on behalf of the “Lake Defenders”. The “Lake Defenders” is a watershed group with the intention of educating the public on invasive species. Jon compared our situation with the devastation that Lake Tahoe has been experiencing. Other organizations were on hand for the discussion including the Lake George Park Commission and the Lake George Association. The Lake George Association recently announced their support for a bill introduced by NYS Senator Betty Little to establish a list of invasive species that will be prohibited from being sold, transported, and introduced in NYS. The group viewed a 2 ½ minute trailer to help educate the public. Jon is currently working on editing a 30-minute documentary special for Mountain Lakes PBS. This movie, which is collaboration with Bright Blue EcoMedia, will highlight the challenges of controlling these species and protecting Lake George. They have received support from two local watershed organizations: the Lake George Association and the Lake George Watershed Coalition This season a portable boat washing unit will be used to help remove any invasives brought in on boats that are suspect to carrying invasives. The project is off to a good start with donations of $1,000 each from The Sagamore and Lake George Mirror and during the talk Chelka Lodge stood up and pledged $1,000 to the Lake Defenders but they still need more funding to spread the word, as education is a top priority. Written by Wauneata Waller The entire PBS Bloom series on phosphorus pollution in the Lake Champlain Basin that we produced is viewable online at You to can support the cause by donating to: Checks made payable to: Mountain Lake PBS  Jon D. Erickson Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources,and Environmental Program, University of Vermont Managing Director, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics President, U.S. Society for Ecological Economics Executive Editor, Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies  

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