Thurman Maple Days

Is there a sweeter treat than New York maple syrup? You can find maple galore only forty minutes from Bolton Landing at Thurman Maple Days, an event centered in the quaint town of Thurman. This three-weekend-long maple event celebrates all things maple syrup. Visitors are invited to explore several maple farms to taste maple syrup, maple candy, maple sugar, and more along the way!

 Thurman Maple Days Map

Thurman Maple Days kicks off with the 59th annual Thurman Maple Sugar Party, which benefits the American Cancer Society. Join dozens of locals and visitors at a special, maple-inspired buffet. Get a taste of jack-wax, the classic, taffy-like Adirondack dessert often called “sugar on snow.” After you’re done eating, dance the rest of the evening away with local musicians Hod Ovitt and the Warren County Ramblers. The Thurman Maple Sugar Party will be held on Saturday, March 10th at the Thurman Town Hall from 4pm to 9pm.

 Toad Hill Maple Breakfast

Of course, you can’t go to a town that loves maple syrup without devouring a pancake breakfast! Make sure to start your Thurman Maple Days weekend with a heaping pile of pancakes at 190 Valley Road in Thurman. This maple farm will be serving hot pancakes and sizzling local sausages from 9am until 1pm.

 Matt Sprow - Sugaring

After you’ve had a helping or two of syrup-smothered pancakes, it’s time to set off on the self-guided tour of maple farms. This tour is the perfect way for families to discover everything sweet about Thurman Maple Days. Stop at four unique maple farms, explore their sugar shacks, and taste their products. One farm has a state-of-the-art sugar shack and won a Vermont International Maple Syrup Contest for their light amber syrup. Another is home to “Tapper,” who happily teaches guests how to tap the right trees and gather buckets of sap. A third amazes their guests with not only delicious maple products, but a giant trebuchet that fires logs several times daily. Finally, one uses an old harvesting technique, watching the temperature of the boiling sap and removing the kettle from the fire at the perfect temperature.

 Matt Sprow - PO ~Tapping

Thurman Maple Days isn’t only about maple! Several other farms and businesses hold open houses during the event. Visit an animal sanctuary that doubles as an award-winning cheese producer. Check out a tree farm to learn about sustainable forestry and silviculture, the growing and cultivation of trees. Shop for tasty meats and other products at a certified organic farm. It doesn’t matter whether you spend your entire day sampling maple goods at one farm, or hit each business for a few minutes each, Thurman Maple Days is always a lesson in how fun and delicious food can be for the entire family.