Things to look Forward To!

This time of the year looks kind of drab and gloomy…everything outside has all but curled up and withered, and died.  Even from the curb, our little building looks quiet and like everyone is hibernating…but looks can be deceiving…the inside is bustling with activity…well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…but there is excitement about what the spring , summer and fall will bring along with all of our visitors. Over the next months, we will be planning all kinds of interesting events, such as Bolton Bikes and Bands during Americade week,  the French and Indian War Re-enactment, North Country Triathlon in Hague, Girlfriends Getaway at the Sagamore, the Farmer’s Market and more. We had a great year in 2011 considering all the economic doom and gloom but maybe things are on the upswing and folks are happy to have the diversion of a quaint and friendly village such as ours. So when you drive by and the snow is piling up to the window ledges, know that we are busy…plotting and planning with steaming cups of coffee to ward off the cold and looking forward to sunny days! Babbling Brook  ]]>