Maple Sugaring at Up Yonda Farm

The month of March is all about maple syrup, and Up Yonda Farm makes everything maple both interesting and a ton of fun.


On every Saturday in March, Up Yonda Farm will celebrate maple season with their annual Maple Sugaring event. Visitors to Up Yonda will discover the magic that tapping a few maple trees can create. They’ll learn about the perfect weather for harvesting maple sap, and how warm days and chilly nights create the perfect atmosphere for sap to run. Visitors will also learn about tree “tapping,” and how maple farmers get the sap to flow out of the tree and into the buckets.tap and maple drip



Up Yonda has a fully-functioning sugar house on the property, which was constructed in 2000. Every season, the farm runs a full sugaring operation, producing about 11 gallons of syrup at the end of spring.

Up Yonda Sugar House


This program will introduce all its attendees to the basics of maple sugaring. Guests will tap trees at Up Yonda, collect the sap that flows from the tree trunk, and boil the maple sugar sap on the property after its been collected. Then, guests will learn the steps it takes to transform that collected sap into sticky, sweet maple syrup!

 Matt Sprow - Sugaring

And luckily for those maple-sugar lovers who visit Up Yonda Farm, there’s way more to do than just cook maple syrup! Up Yonda is a 73-acre farm with gorgeous views of Lake George. They offer season-specific programs throughout the year, every single one both exciting and educational. While you’re at the farm creating maple syrup, make sure you explore their diverse hiking system. On your hike, you’ll be able to explore a small pond, a wetland, mature forests, and open fields, all full of different types of wildlife.Up Yonda Trail Map



Maple Sugaring Basics will be held every Saturday in March, from 1-2 p.m. at Up Yonda Farm, located one minute from the heart of Bolton Landing. The event is $4 per person, and free for members. Call 518-644-9767 for more information.