It Must Be Spring – Girlfriend's Getaway is Coming!

Spring arrives in our area with the Vernal Equinox at 7:02 am Eastern Daylight time, on March 20, 2013. In case you are wondering, “vernal equinox” comes from Latin roots, vernus (of the spring), aequi- (equal) + nox (night). Basically the phrase means that the night and day are of equal duration, the sun rises due east, and sets due west on this day – and our corner of the world begins to warm up. Everyone has their favorite signs of spring. Here in Bolton Landing (on beautiful Lake George) the ice on the lake begins to melt, chasing the ice fishermen home to prepare for another fishing season in more liquid waters; the snowbanks shrink, and the birds begin to sing a little louder. Avid gardeners start buying seeds, envisioning what will go where, and wonder exactly when “past the danger of frost” will be this year. Most of all the license plates on cars begin to change from New York’s yellow/blue to rainbow hues from every different state – our citizens and visitors are coming back from where ever they have roamed. Welcome home! A sure sign of Spring in Bolton Landing is the Girlfriend’s Getaway, now in its fourth year at the Sagamore Resort and Conference Center (an absolutely fabulous place to visit). Created by Wauneata Waller for the Bolton Chamber of Commerce, the Girlfriend’s Getaway is a weekend designed especially for women to “relax the body, renew the mind, and refresh the spirit.” The Getaway is happening May 10-12, 2013. Go to: and you can click on each workshop and presenter to find out more about what is being offered this year. There are workshops and activities for every level of participation. The  Sagamore Resort has discounted room rates for all participants, and the Sagamore Spa is offering a 25% discount on all spa services. That is a real treat! You can go to to check out those possibilities, as well as see the wonderful and scenic atmosphere the Sagamore provides. The Sagamore Resort is an elegantly restored hotel listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Wauneata has gathered some very interesting women to give over fifteen very different presentations and interactive workshops on some very timely subjects: meditation, nutrition, energy medicine, Reiki, Yoga, positive attitude, microdermabrasion, an introduction to raptor rehabilitation and rescue, a tour of the Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum, belly dancing, Hula Hoops, SUP (Stand Up Paddle-boarding), kayaking, a real Rock n’ Roll Master of Ceremonies for the fashion show and luncheon, a cruise aboard the Morgan (the Sagamore’s replica of a 19th century touring boat),  and my personal favorite, which speaks to a proper and practical foundation in life, “What Should Your Bra be Doing for You?”  I want to know! (I was in the social generation of bra-burners, however, time and gravity work no matter what, so most of us have relented re: support in this category!) Benita-ZahnBenita Zahn is the guest speaker this year. She is the award winning co-anchor of News Channel 13 Live. Benita is also the health reporter, covering issues including wellness, treatment breakthroughs, aging, nutrition, and the latest in health care trends. Benita also co-produces and hosts “Health LINK” on Thursday nights on WMHT. Consider making the Girlfriend’s Getaway your personal “rite of spring”! What are your first signs of spring? Do you have any “rites of spring” for yourself? Penelope Jewell