Inspiring Holiday Gifts

Gift Cards of any kind – especially appreciated are gift cards for stores like Target and Wal Mart that sell groceries as well as everything else one might need, or gift cards for stores like Stewart’s where a person can get gas for the car as well as daily essentials. – Prepaid credit cards that can be used anywhere, even for paying things like the electric bill. – Paid up Gas Cards good for a fill up or two, and speaking of fuel – A free fill up for propane, kerosene or a cord of aged wood if they have a wood stove (or pellets,or whatever fuel they use) – or a promise to help them split and stack some wood   Gift Certificates for things like: – Tires (to replace the bald ones they have probably been driving on for quire a while) – if that is a bit out of your budget try: – An oil change and car wash (or a book of car wash tickets) – A cell phone with a paid-up contract (relatives can often be put as family members on your own contract for very little extra money, or you can get prepaid “burner” phones that can be refilled as needed) – A dental cleaning and checkup – especially good for students who are used to Mom making appointment for them, and for elders who just don’t have the budget for such a frivolity – A physical exam with their favorite physician, including the normal lab tests – A year of cable or internet service – one friend who was diagnosed with a difficult disease and said that her favorite gift was a year of HBO, for another friend it was the Food Network, and for a third who did not have a cable connection, it was NetFlix – A special magazine subscription, or some instruction or workshop that the person might truly enjoy – Personal care: like a hair salon visit, a massage, or even a day spa – for a special gift one time I gave my wonderful cousin a Saratoga Spa Bath and we went together – it was great fun, more so because we shared the experience and the memory. – Some of the unique shops in Bolton Landing – if there is not something the person would love to have for themselves, they can use the certificate to get a gift for another: Trees (518-644-5756), Happy jacks (518-644-2424), Indian Tepee Gift Shop (518-644-9672), Serendipity (518-644-2120), Bolton Garden Center and Country Store (518-644-3455), Ron’s Hardware (you’d be surprised at what you can find in here – 518-644-9600)   Free Gift Certificates – Make your own tailored to the person: – Some number of free dinners – either cooked ahead and frozen, or delivered when requested – this is especially good for people who are coming home from a hospital stay – it really beats, “Let me know if there is anything I can do,” an offer which most people will politely decline. If you don’t like to cook, or you do like to cook but the results are less than pleasing, then substitute take-out – restaurants are still open in Bolton Landing: Bolton Beans (518-644-3313), Cate’s Italian Garden (518-644-2041); Palazzo’s Pizza (518-644-2200), Fredericks (518-644-3484), Lakeside Lodge and Grill (518-644-5253), Market Place Steakhouse and More (518-644-3663) – One house or yard cleaning – If you are a handyman sort – so many hours of household repairs, or hooking things up, or removing them as the case may be – If you knit or sew, you can offer a special project, or so many hours of repairs for buttons, zippers and hemming – One day of grocery shopping or some other chore the person dislikes or is too busy to do – A ride to town or several, or a day away with you doing the driving – Some number of hours of computer work – or whatever you may have a talent for that the person does not – even a talent for organization can be a blessing for overwhelmed paperwork or closets or garages – Child or pet care for a day or several If you happen to have a bicycle, musical instrument, or some other interesting item you are not going to use, and the person in question can use it, and would like whatever it is, consider putting a bow on it and delivering it to them It is wonderful if you can also give a gift certificate to have that item repaired or updated along with the item itself. I once came upon a violin that needed a good home, found the perfect person and gave the violin along with a gift certificate to have it cleaned, repaired and restrung: an interesting and useful gift that was still well within my budget, and is still being used. If you happen to know someone who does have everything they need, you can give a donation in their name to their favorite charity – or yours – with love. Let your imagination be your guide! What are some of the most inspiring gifts you have given? What are some of the gifts you have been most grateful to receive? Penelope Jewell  ]]>