How To Use The Website

small__6798184016 Unfortunately, I can miss a lot of really cool information that way, and new and easy ways to do things. Every once in a while I stumble on some useful tool on a web site, and then I am thrilled, and promise myself I’ll look more carefully to see what is new and interesting on a site – a promise that is good until the next time I need to know something in a hurry! Actually, a lot of web sites change on a daily basis. There can be new tools and information even on sites you visit often – web sites are created and updated to be “user friendly” and not a source of aggravation, as they can sometimes seem to be – “Just give me the phone number and I’ll ask someone in person!” That works if you are calling during business hours, which is sometimes not when you really want to know something; or if there actually is a live person at the end of the numerical prompts. Sometimes I wonder. The thing is, if you take a couple of minutes to explore a web site and try its prompts, and the information is on the site to begin with, you will get all you need to know and more, in much less time than you would think. What started this whole “take a look at the web site” thing is a wonderful tool on the “Lodgings” page of our web site: medium_2830319467The tool is: “Search By Amenities”  Wow! You just click on every thing you want in a lodging property, and a list appears which has only those accommodations! I get excited about these things – we used to have to do specific lists the hard way – make a heading, and go through the lodgings (or whatever we were doing) one by one. One of the best things about going to our web site for information are all the links to our members’ web sites – if you want to know more about this or that lodging or business, you just click on the name – if they have a web site, you are there, instantly. What a convenient resource – especially if you are connecting from a mobile site. Not everyone is connected to the internet – or wants to be – “Free Cable and WiFi” used to be a real plus in advertising for a lodging, now the latest claim to fame is: “No TV or Internet Connections – Your Peace is Secure Here!” (That may also be a case of “creative spin”, due to the lack of communication tower coverage in some areas of the Adirondacks!) Bolton Landing has free WiFi at the Chamber Visitor Center and the Bolton Free Library – extending outside the buildings so that you can access the net even when the buildings are closed. Back to our web site: – we have a “Search” feature at the top of the home page, which will make your life a lot easier. Just type in whatever subject you would like to look for, and all references to that subject on the site will appear. The next row down on the home page, the horizontal bar, has major headings, some of which have drop down categories and choices. For example, under the heading “Things To Do On Land” the first drop down choice is “Golf” – great news for golfers, or for their non-golfing friends who might like to drop the golfer off and go do something else – win/win! The other headings are: Things To Do On The Water, Dining, Shopping, Lodging, Services, Realtors, Calendar of Events, and (my personal favorite) Blogs and News. Side headings, or the vertical bar, on the left of the home page connect you with some general  information about our area and the Town of Bolton, some of the history (we were very big in the 1700’s!) And, the side headings/vertical bar on the right will connect you to many of our member’s featured and current events – such as the Lake George Land Conservancy art talks and hikes, the Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum’s music schedule, the Hyde Collection’s Georgia O’Keeffe and Lake George special exhibition. What is your favorite thing about using a web site? (Mine is that I can go there any time of day or night, and links often lead me to very interesting information!) What is the most interesting thing you ever found out using a web site? The most useful? What is the most unusual thing you ever bought on a web site? Did you ever go on a vacation after finding a place on a web site? Penelope Jewell medium_3173772058    ]]>