Jike Then Crawl….Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!

I remember the first time I heard the term “restaurant crawl”.  It was at my daughter’s graduation from college and they referred to it as the “bar crawl”!  Who knew?  I’d never heard of it before, so I was kinda shocked!  My brilliant, talented daughter actually participated in such events?  Thank goodness that small mid-western college was planted smack in the middle of a cute little town with plenty of watering holes for the resident students.  The “crawl” part was more for safety so nobody would be driving.  I gravitate to the brighter side of things, don’t you know?

bar_people2So let me tell you, the Bolton Chamber has embraced one version of that crawl and will host its annual “Full Moon Snowshoe Hike and Restaurant Crawl” again this year.

On Saturday, February 20, why not plan to join us?  It’s a real hoot, like a town wide party with a couple of hundred close friends.

The festivities begin with hikers gathering at their chosen location by 5:30 pm with snow shoes or Yak Traks in hand and dressed for the chilly ( or downright COLD) evening temps.  The biggest decision you’ll have is which trail to hike.  Up Yonda Farm Environmental Center, on Route 9N just north of the center of town, is considered a moderate hike, leaving you with plenty in your tank to crawl in town.

Another option is the Pinnacle, Bolton’s second highest peak, located just west of town, adjacent to the Community Center on Edgecomb Pond Rd.  This is also a moderate hike. The last surge before the top is a bit steep, but who wouldn’t be up to a little challenge?shoe shoe 4

Both venues will have hike guides and sweepers to keep everyone safe and ready to celebrate afterwards in town.

Here’s where it gets easier—no choices required in the Restaurant Crawl.  Simply decide you’ll get to all the hot spots, enjoy the hiker’s specials and then call it a night.

On our website at boltonchamber.com check to see what will be awaiting you at

  • The Sagamore Caldwell Lobby Bar
  • Frederick’s
  • Cate’s Italian Garden
  • The Huddle
  • Lakeside Lodge and Grill

Grab the special and move on, or settle in to spend the remainder of your evening with friends old and new.

Punxatawney Phil gave us a heads up this week….this could very well be our last winter adventure.  Don’t miss out!  We LOVE your company!