Heat Your Neighbor, Neighbor

I had originally expected to begin this message with a reference to the falling temperatures, the frosty chill in the air, and the trees now bare of color that had washed the landscape just a couple of short weeks ago.

Well, let me tell you, it’s in the high sixties today.  Golden and rust leaves still cling to branches and I can see kayakers paddling on the Lake.  If it were April or May, there’d be kids on the beach and taking the dare to jump into the warming water.  I AM curious as to what the difference is in May 70 degrees and October 68 degrees!  It’s got to be where our thoughts and perceptions lie.  We did already have our first frost of the season, so I suppose we have accepted that winter is imminent.


Certainly, we are all extremely grateful for the ability to dress warmly and to heat our homes, keeping ourselves warm as the winter months move in on us.

There are others of us though, who struggle making this happen, confronted with difficult choices in budgeting to include heat for their homes.

I am hijacking this forum to publicize the generosity of the Bolton Chamber of Commerce in stepping up to ease these budgeting struggles.warmth 4

There is in place a “Heat Your Neighbor” program through the chamber office.  One need simply call Elaine requesting an application for assistance with your home heating costs.  It’s a simple process really, and not in any way demeaning.  It’s people helping people, neighbor to neighbor.  Your privacy is respected and all information is kept in the strictest confidence.  And so long as there are funds available, there is help available.

Now that brings up another facet of this program.  If you are finding yourself in the position to help and do not know where to best do that, you may also donate to this fund.  Yes, that’s right, as much or as little as you are able, you too can help to heat your neighbor, right here in your town!  How many organizations can promise to keep your gift right here at home?

So, whether this is your primary home, your second home, your favorite vacation spot each summer or the spot you escape to any day you find the time, the folks in Bolton are your “neighbors”, and we all keep an eye on our neighbors, don’t we?

Whether in need of assistance, or to offer assistance, please call Elaine at the Bolton Chamber (518) 644-3831, and she will take good care of you.  It’s what she does!!