From Cupid to Crossbows

That got me to thinking how and why did Cupid come to use the bow and arrow? After a little research I found that beyond multiple references to the use of arrows in the Bible, to being included in the fictional hero Robin Hood’s quiver, the history of bow and arrow travels way back to the Stone Age, able to take down woolly mammoths and saber toothed tigers. Bows may have began as simple wooden shapes with gut strings, but they did not remain so. Composite bows, appeared on the battle field, which compressed and sprang back into shape with the added sinew and other creative design modifications to allow for greater distance. The power derived from a composite bow was much more than most simple wood bows. Then of course the crossbow, a mightier newer version. With the onset of firearms, the bow and arrow soon transitioned to the ranks of leisure sport, Olympic sport, and archery as entertainment. That got me to thinking about bow hunting in the Adirondacks. It is still a popular sport among the hunters, but crossbow hunting had been banned until 2010 in NY state along with Oregon. I never realized that there were restrictions as to what kind of bow was allowed.  Now persons with disabilities, that cannot use a longbow, can use the crossbow.  According to the many posts from the bow hunters, consensus was that it was about time.  Crossbows are now authorized for any big game season when the shotgun or muzzle loader is permitted along with many other restrictions according to the DEC. SO… there you have it…Cupid to crossbows…and being the incurable romantic, when thinking of bows and arrows (and not being a hunter), I’ll stick to the less violent but trite version…you know…the one that comes with hearts and flowers!…Happy Valentine’s Day, Babbling Brook]]>