Asian Clam Eradication Efforts

It was a really cold day in early November at Norowal Marina and the divers were under the docks attaching the heavy rubberized blankets and using re-bar to hold it all down to snuff out the little Asian clams in the hopes of keeping them from spreading. They are extremely prolific and can devastate a body of water exceedingly quickly. A lot is riding on this venture. You can imagine what an awesome task this is…fighting the elements, cold water, choppy seas, numbing fingers…not for the faint of heart. And the cost…but so worth it to keep our beautiful and pristine waters clear and clean. When you get a chance…check out this link to the Lake George Association website. It will give you an overview of the awesome task and undertaking which is in full swing. The more we can educate folks coming to enjoy our lake… the better. The average traveler does not know what we are faced with and everyone needs to be aware to help keep infestations at bay. Mr. Erickson, of the University of Vermont, will be speaking at the Bolton Chamber dinner meeting, Tuesday April 10th, at the Algonquin restaurant. Cocktails at 6 PM, dinner at 7 PM, speaker at about 8 PM.For reservations call Elaine at the Bolton Chamber by Friday April 6th,644.3831. All are welcomed but seating is limited.