Hiking and Snowshoeing in Bolton

Visit the Bolton Chamber or the Lake George Land Conservancy for maps and directions to trail heads.

“Please follow all “social distancing” measures and hygiene protocols recommended by the CDC and other government agencies while visiting the trails. If a preserve’s parking lot is full, please come back another time. Spread out on the trail. Stay safe!”  https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/119881.html

Amy’s Park – Lake George Land Conservancy

Intensity: Easy to Challenging
Padanarum Rd | GPS: 43.646440, -73.647127
Amy’s Park is a beautiful 500-acre park of ponds, marshes, and forests in the uplands of Bolton Landing. The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) has created a system of more than 5 miles of trails for passive recreation, including hiking, xc-skiing, and snowshoeing. The ponds are also accessible for canoes and kayaks. Trails vary from easy and family-friendly, to challenging, and include lookout areas to view active beaver ponds and Lake George. Also includes connector trail to nearby Godwin Preserve (see below). Parking lots available.
Visit lglc.org for more info or view PDF.

Cat and Thomas Preserve – Adirondack Forest Preserve

Intensity: Moderate to Challenging
Valley Woods Rd | GPS: 43.603994, -73.692623
This popular preserve is owned by New York State and managed by the LGLC. As one of the largest, intact, ecologically significant landscapes remaining on Lake George, the 1,900-acre preserve features over 9 miles of trails and unsurpassed mountain vistas. Trails vary in length and difficulty and are open to hiking, mountain biking, xcskiing, snowshoeing and hunting. Camping is also permitted. Parking lot available; please do not block neighboring driveway or road.
Visit lglc.org for more info or view PDF. For NYS rules, see http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7872.html.

Godwin Preserve – Lake George Land Conservancy

Intensity: Moderate
Padanarum Rd | GPS: 43.634642, -73.655465
The Isabel La Roche Godwin Preserve is a 112-acre property of forests and vernal pools in the uplands of Bolton Landing. The LGLC manages 1.5 miles of hiking trails for passive recreation, exploration and education, which includes a lookout area for Pole Hill and High Nopit. Trails are easy to moderate, and include some short rocky sections. A third trail connects from the parking area to nearby Amy’s Park (see above). Smallparking lot available; use caution if parking along road.
Visit lglc.org for more info or view PDF.

Pole Hill Pond – Adirondack Forest Preserve

Intensity: Moderate to Challenging
Rt 9N | GPS: 43.614667, -73.622194
This 1,300–acre Northwest Bay uplands tract is also managed by the LGLC and has 2 trail loops totaling nearly 7 miles. Both trails include views of Lake George, and the longer loop visits Pole Hill Pond. Prepare for wet areas, steep climbs, and rocks. The property is open to hiking, snowshoeing, hunting and camping. Small parking lot available. For NYS rules, see http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7872.html.
Visit lglc.org for more info or view PDF.

The Pinnacle – Town of Bolton

Intensity: Moderate
Edgecomb Pond Rd | GPS: 43.558139, -73.682167
Protected by the Town of Bolton in partnership with the LGLC, this 73-acre preserve has a family-friendly one-mile trail to an expansive view overlooking Lake George. An additional trail leads north to connect to Cat Mountain (see above). Trails are open to hiking, snowshoeing and xc-skiing. Some trail sections may be slick and have tricky footing, especially when wet. Parking lot available; if lot is full, park at Bolton Conservation Park and walk to trailhead, or return when less busy.
Visit lglc.org for more info or view PDF.

Up Yonda Farm

Outdoor recreation and education can be found at Up Yonda Farm.  Located in Bolton Landing, this environmental education center is operated by Warren County and includes 73 acres of land.  A popular visitor attraction for schools and the public, Up Yonda presents a variety of nature programs throughout the year. This facility features an auditorium, museum, sugarhouse, and a butterfly garden during the summer months. A series of hiking and snowshoeing trails provide access to a vista of Lake George.  For information call 518-644-9767

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