Bolton Emergency Medical Squad (EMS)

5003 Lakeshore Dr, Bolton Landing, NY 12814

518-240-6262 [email protected] Visit Website

The Bolton Emergency Squad is a not for profit organization. Made up of volunteer members that are supplemented with paid staff to ensure that there is coverage at all times. Members training range from drivers and Emergency Medical Technician Basic all the way up to the Paramedic level.

Funding for equipment and operating costs comes from third party billing, a contract with the town of Bolton and in large part donations and fund raising.

We are stationed within the firehouse of the Bolton Fire Company at 5003 Lake Shore Dr. Bolton Landing. Dispatch and communications is handled by the Warren County Sheriffs Office.

We are responsible for the emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured for the residents of the town of Bolton as well as the large amount of tourists that visit the area. Population grows from 1,900 in the off season to over 10,000 residents and visitors during the summer months.

Covering over 84 square miles of land and water the town of Bolton includes a majority of Lake George and its islands, along with Trout Lake, Edgecomb Pond,  part of Sherman Lake, part of the Schroon River and the Adirondack Northway  (I-87). We also cover a large portion of the Tongue Mountain range and other forever wild wilderness areas. Calls for service range from routine EMS calls, water and ice rescue, boat accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and off road search and rescue. We have even been known to treat the occasional rattle snake bite.

Bolton EMS handled close to 350 calls in 2011 with a majority of them coming in June, July and August. Calls take on the average of 2½ hours. Calls on Lake George may take up to 4 hours and rescue calls on Tongue Mountain may take up to 8 hours or more from time of call to return to service. As you can imagine the time involved is considerable not counting the large amount of time devoted toward initial and continuing training.

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